About: Artist Statement

Acrylic Painting

The more you look, the more you see! With my kaleidoscope's view of the world, images are fractured into intricate forms, creating a tapestry of ever changing designs.

Vibrant colors evoke the luminosity of stained glass windows, as one form fluidly merges with another. Each canvas tells its own unique story.

Earlier paintings are rendered in an impressionistic style, capturing the light and textures of nature. The very earliest works are based on patterns of concentric circles, a motif that continues in the current kaleidoscope style paintings.

Ceramic Vases

I have found challenges in creating unique sculptural ceramic vases that are intricately carved, fired, and then painted with acrylic (they are for decorative use only, and are water resistant).

They are a 3-D canvas for my acrylic paintings, incorporating my own signature painting styles.

Each is either thrown on a wheel, or created by layering coils of clay one on top of another and then intricately carving them, often evoking the texture and look of coral.

Happily, I have found a medium which allows me to combine both my love of sculpture and of painting. Each delicate ceramic creation is a one of a kind piece, made to be a unique visual and tactile experience.