Acrylic Paintings

  The more you look, the more you see! With my kaleidoscope’s view of the world, images are fractured into intricate forms, creating a tapestry of ever changing designs.  

My very earliest works are based on patterns of concentric circles, a motif that continues in the current kaleidoscope style paintings.   Later paintings are rendered in an impressionistic style, capturing the light and textures of nature. 



Most recently, I have introduced a new line called “RE-CREATIONS.” 

These are commercially produced 3-D pieces I have bought and then refinished by painting them with acrylic, in my own unique style.

My hand-painted re-creations have 

transformed those pieces into one-of-a-kind works of art.



I have found challenges in creating unique sculptural ceramic vases; intricately carved, fired, and then painted with acrylic (water resistant – not water proof.)   

Happily, I have found a medium which allows me to combine both my love of sculpture and of painting. Each delicate ceramic creation is a one of a kind piece, made to be a unique visual and tactile experience.