Miriam is a sculptor, potter, and painter. She has created works that have combined the most appealing aspects of each medium.

Miriam  has been exhibiting in numerous art shows since 1979, and has won many ribbons and awards. 


My Medium

 It has been a joy and a challenge expressing my vision in various media.  My love of complex detail, sensual fluid forms, and vibrant colors, so evident in all my former "incarnations,"  as a sculptor and painter, has found new expression in this latest evolution of my work.  My current acrylic paintings are tapestries of color and interlocking and overlapping shapes, reminiscent of kaleidoscopes.  Fluid forms refract as if seen through a prism and create the illusion of ever changing images as one shape becomes another.  The more you look, the more you see in these "visual picture puzzles."



Most recently, I have introduced a new line called    “RE-CREATIONS.” These are commercially produced 3-D pieces I have bought and then refinished by painting them with acrylic, in my own unique style.  These hand-painted re-creations have transformed those pieces into one-of-a-kind works of art. 

 Paintings may also be commissioned and individually designed for you.